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Compatible new Sharp  MXSC11 Staple Cartridge for use in MX-2630N, MX-3050N, MX-3070V, MX-3550N, MX-3570V, MX-4050N, MX-4070V, MX-5050N, MX-5070V, MX-6050N, MX-FN30, MX-FN31, MX-FN34, MX-FN35, MX-M3070, MX-M3570, MX-M4070, MX-M5070, MX-M6070. Pack of 3 with 5000 Staples

14YK New Compatible Staple Inner Finisher  3 x 5000 staples Type P1

Sharp MX-2630N

Sharp MX-3050N

Sharp MX-3050V
Sharp MX-3070V
Sharp MX-3550N
Sharp MX-3550V
Sharp MX-3570V
Sharp MX-4050N
Sharp MX-4050V
Sharp MX-4070V
Sharp MX-5050N
Sharp MX-5050V
Sharp MX-5070V
Sharp MX-6050N
Sharp MX-6050V
Sharp MX-6070V
Sharp MX-FN30
Sharp MX-FN31
Sharp MX-FN34
Sharp MX-FN35
Sharp MX-M3070
Sharp MX-M3570
Sharp MX-M4070
Sharp MX-M5070
Sharp MX-M6070


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